The Team

Jonathan & Ashley Longnecker

Dad & Mom


Jonathan loves his wife and kids like crazy, makes music, video shows and websites. He digs good design and amazing food.

Ashley takes care of kids and the house while creating all sorts of amazing crafts, furniture and pieces of art. I'm honestly not sure how she does it.

Adali Longnecker

Kid #1


Adali is 6 and loves collecting bugs, drawing, coloring and being "Mommy" to the other kids. She's super organized and helps us remember things all the time.

Jett Longnecker

Kid #2


Jett is 5 and loves wrestling, ninjas, legos and pretty much everything else a little boy should like. He's aptly named, super fast and loads of fun.

Jax Longnecker

Kid #3


Jax is our 2 year old entertainer. The boy of a million faces, noises and expressions he manages to make us laugh even when he should be in trouble. Yes, he's fun, too.

Ada Longnecker

Kid #4


Ada is our newest edition - not even a year old - but she's already a momma's girl. Her and Jax make the exact same squealy noise, and when done together it's like some kind of sonic laser blast.