A Small Update, A Big Deal

Published on 04.18.13

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long since an update. Truth be told, we haven't really had anything to update you about.

In fact, we realized that since we dropped off our paperwork back in August of last year we hadn't really heard anything from the Jamaican government other than one email quite a few months ago that just said they were still trying to find the right kids for us.

It's one thing to be told they're working on it, but it's another to receive no response for months.

To be fair, we mostly emailed during that time and that was our mistake. Talking to a human always works out better.

In any event, we were becoming very restless and worried that something was going wrong in the process.

Add to that a few internet rumors about things taking a really really long time as of late and it's very easy to work yourself into a frenzy.

So we doubled down, spent some time in prayer and began to seek counsel from others around us that had adopted or were in the process of adopting. It's amazing how quickly we feel like we're so alone in this process, when in reality there are so many others going through the same thing. And they are more than happy to lend a hand, an ear or some encouragement when times get tough.

We called Jamaica, too and while we didn't get any sort of time frame, we did just get an email asking for some revised documents. I know - it doesn't sound that great. More work to do! Yay!

But after months of wondering if anyone had even looked at our paperwork this is progress.

And we'll take any progress we can get.