Our First Trip to Jamaica

Published on 08.24.12

When Ashley and I got married in 2003 I can guarantee you neither of us thought we’d be where we’re at today. We both knew we wanted children, but I think the topic of adoption came up maybe once in the first 8 years of our marriage. And yet here we are, fully in agreement that this is the next adventure God wants us to take.

For those of you slower with math like me, yes Ashley and I are coming up on our 10 year anniversary this March. We’ve talked for years about going to some exotic location for a week, soaking up some sun and enjoying some peace and quiet. But each anniversary came and went - early on without the money to do anything like that and later with kids that were too small to leave overnight. In fact, we’ve only gone somewhere overnight for one anniversary - last year, but it was just for one night.

It’s funny how when you know you’re supposed to do something, and you actually make the decision to move forward and start taking steps how many things just fall into place. It’s like God’s sitting right above you with everything in a box, just waiting for you to get started so he can dump everything in your lap. Ashley and I knew we wanted to go to Jamaica to learn about the country and maybe visit some children’s homes, we just weren’t sure about the timing.

Until we got the Groupon email.

A multi-night stay at a resort for half price. Kind of a billboard sized “it’s time to go” message. And the timing was just right. So all that to say - Ashley and I are making our first trip to Jamaica next week!

While we’re there we’ll get to drop off our adoption papers in person to the CDA in Jamaica and visit at least one children’s home and take some supplies/donations to them. Not only that, but it looks like it’s going to double as that magical 10 year anniversary trip we always dreamed about, too.

We struggled quite a bit with booking this trip because we didn’t want anyone to think we were using donated money for an anniversary jaunt. Yes we’re dropping off adoption papers, but the majority of the trip will be time spent together.

We’re so humbled and thankful for the time, prayers and funds our friends and family have donated and we want them to know that the gifts they’ve given are being used wisely. So we’re calling this our “official anniversary trip” and that we’re covering all the costs ourselves so there’s no conflicts. We’ll be headed back to Jamaica soon, and we’ll need your help then.

We can’t wait to tell you how it goes!

More soon,
Jonathan, Ashley, Adali, Jett, Jax & Ada