Teddy Bears for Children in Jamaica

Published on 11.22.12

Hello Friends & Family! Sorry for the lack of updates, but we're just at the waiting part of the process. We can't wait for the day we have news to update all you who are praying for this adoption.

So! While we are waiting, we are trying to raise $600 dollars so we can send 30 teddy bears to the children in Robin's Nest Children's Home in Montego Bay. This is the children's home that we visited when we were in Jamaica in August and we would love to have all the children have something to call their own. Each bear is just $20. If you would like to help sponsor a bear for a child in Jamaica please click the donate button and donate $20.00 to help us reach our goal. We need to raise it all by December 1st so that we can get them shipped out. We only have about 8 of the 30 sponsored at this time. If we go over our goal, the remainder of the money raised will go to buy fruit trees for the kids at Robin's Nest.

Thanks everyone!

  • Curly_the_bear